Knowlege Gobbler: How a Personality Quiz Brought Me Back to Blogging

How do? Welcome to Spilled Think – the blog that this thirty-something, easily distracted human of the ovary-wielding variety intends to violently splatter her thoughts at. Not unlike a toddler flinging spaghetti at a wall. Or the worse metaphor about a curry and a toilet bowl I was about to use. But I’m not going to.

Sorry. I already sort-of have now, haven’t I? I hope you weren’t eating.

Until recently, I could be found at,* which initially started as a “look at me, I’m a runner now!” bragging platform, documenting of my training for my first (and last, probably) ever marathon. I had a blog. I had a niche. I was good to go. And then my hypermobile, barely-attached feet went on strike. After a couple of years of blogging under a somewhat misleading website name, I slowly felt increasingly disconnected from it, which is a shame because I love stringing words together and casting them into the many-eyed void that is the internet.

Cue four months of watching TV and uncomfortably fidgeting because “Unnnngh! I want to write something, but not on that blog. Anyway, I don’t have time. I’m so busy and important. Ooh, there’s a new Louis Theroux show out…Where have all my crisps gone?”

What pulled me out of my four-month writer’s paralysis was a quiz I stumbled across on one of the many MANY podcasts I listen to on my daily two-hour commute, called The Good Life Project. Long story short, the presenter, Jonathan Fields has spent a crazy amount of time researching what drives people in life, and he found that as a species, despite the fact that we’re all super-special individual snowflakes, our “reasons for being” can generally be narrowed down into ten categories they called Sparketypes:


I ‘borrowed’ this image from the Sparketype Mastery Guide I bought from The Good Life Project…nice people of  The Good Life Project, please don’t sue me, for I am poor!

Because I’m a sucker for anything that whiffs even vaguely of psychology, I was naturally drawn in. I’m one of those people who constantly agonizes about what I need to be doing with my life to be living it “properly”. Sadly, I don’t think worrying and eating cheesy snacks count as a reason d’être – if it was, I could proudly claim to be a fully self-actualised human.

At the end of the podcast episode, which was called What Should I Do With My Life? First, Do This, Fields directs the listener to a quiz that helps you work out what your main Sparketype is and which one comes as a close second. I jumped on that mofo immediately.

I filled the quiz in, thinking “la la la, I’m so creative and wordsy, I’m bound to be a maker, because I’m sooo artsy-fartsy!”

…I got Maven – driven to learn (with maker a close second, so while I might not be fully artsy-fartsy, at least I’m a bit artsy-slightly-windy). Which was a bit of a surprise. Until I realised it shouldn’t have shocked me at all. Mavens enjoy learning for its own sake, and whether they have any use for that knowledge whatsoever doesn’t matter that much.

Here’s why that answer was spot on:

  • I grew up asking so many questions, that I was once told by my mum to “Stop asking so many bloody questions, I’m trying to pee!” I had a genuine anxiety that I’d get to adulthood without knowing enough. I’m still convinced I don’t know enough.
  • I’ve always said that if I won the lottery, I’d become one of those token oldies you see hovering around university course after university course like a ghost whose unfinished business was that it never learned enough about human behaviour or obscure Welsh literary history while it was alive.
  • I devour books, audiobooks, documentaries and podcasts like my brain is a leaky bucket that needs continual topping up.
  • I am a font of useless knowledge. I couldn’t tell you how to change a bike tyre or how to do long division, but if you need to know the name and background of any member of a pop-punk band from the early noughties, or why holding a pencil between your teeth is proven to put you in a better mood, I’m your guy!

The main purpose of the quiz is to help you determine how to best spend your time, whether that’s at work or otherwise. I’m fortunate that in my job, even though it’s stressful and a bit bloody far away, I’m constantly learning new shit and having to write about said new shit on the daily (I work in internal comms for a company with many, many different departments), so if I’m a knowledge gobbler with a penchant for making stuff out of said knowledge, then that’s not a bad place for me to be.

So that left my free time to think about. My lovely, digestible podcasts, books etc. etc. fill me up, but I still feel like something’s missing. I want to be able to make something out of that information, whether it’s actually useful or not. Hmm…what could I possibly do that’ll allow me to create something from what I learn? Some kind of platform for expression perhaps, where I don’t have to commit to documenting just one area of experience/learning? Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. What a conundrum.


So, yeah, here’s my new blog! Every article I’ve read about blogging (because, duh, of course I had to read up on it before diving back in) encourages you to pick a niche and become an expert in it, but I tried that and my foot threatened to leave the leg it was attached to as a result. For the good of my sanity and body parts, I’m opting for the no-niche option. I shall be a niche-less wonder. Every day’s a new learning experience and I shan’t be caged, godammit!

Anyway, you’ve been patient in indulging me. Here is a link to the quiz, which has been spookily accurate for the people I’ve gently encouraged (harassed) to take it. And here is a link to The Good Life Project’s website, which is full of useful resources for making this our little flashes in this pan of existence a bit more fun. Enjoy!

If I’ve successfully figured out how to enable comments (fingers crossed!), let me know your results and whether they rang true for you too.

Until next time =)


*If you’ve come with me all the way from my Blogspot page – Hi, I love you. *Small, bashful wave.*

16 thoughts on “Knowlege Gobbler: How a Personality Quiz Brought Me Back to Blogging

  1. Congratulations! on a) enabling your comments and b) coming back to blogging! This is such a great post and (rest assured) I’m off to complete that quiz. But before that, I just HAD to tell you: I freaking love this line in your post “I shall be a niche-less wonder” because I’m right there with you.
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

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  2. Hiiiiii!!! Very glad you’re back to blogging! I’d been missing your posts 🙂 I just did the Quiz and I’m a Maker first and a Maven second – really interesting stuff. I may now add that podcast to my hundreds of others I’m listening to…..

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  3. I did this quiz and was wondering if the mastery guide was worth buying. This is the closest thing I have yet found to a review. The answers were fairly self evident to me (much of my last 3 years have been spent learning self awareness to dig out of a bad place, emotionally) but I’m tempted by the further information. (I am also maker+maven, but in that order… Probably. I was pretty wishy washy about the final, dividing question 😂) Do you suggest buying the guide?


    1. I really enjoyed it – it gives you a couple of extra tools and guidance on how to make the most of what you’ve learned about yourself. From what I remember (been a while since I’ve read it now), it wasn’t as super personalised as I’d expected from the price, but still glad I bought it.


    2. Hi, hello! I found your blog while looking for independent takes on the Sparktypes assessment. I’m interested Artofannadunster — did you end up buying the guide? What did you think? I also got an expected outcome, but I’m a pretty poor PhD student so will have to think carefully about whether it’s worth it.


      1. Hello hello! I enjoyed the guide – it comes with an exercise where you can do a bit of deeper mapping out of what sparks you, so it’s worth it if you enjoy that kind of thing (which I do). I wouldn’t say it was life changing as such, but it did help me learn a little more about myself and it was an interesting read.

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      2. Hi georgia1991,
        I did not end up purchasing the guide. Mostly, I lost track of time and my 3 day or whatever it is window ran out before I made up my mind 😅 even just the results of the test (although entirely expected) were useful to clarify to me what I want to be doing, though. Less useful on how to get there 🤷‍♀️ I did get on their mailing list and if I get in a position to listen to podcasts regularly again will get on there, too. Their emails are generally useful and encouraging.

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  4. Hey, Thanks for the blog post, I’m also a Maven and a Maker second, I also thought I’d be a maker first. I am really interested in this concept and I’m debating on buying the mastery guide. I’m also interested about learning more about all the different sparketypes. Do you know if the mastery guide has access to all the different sparketypes or just customed to your 2 sparketypes? Thanks!!


    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment =)

      The mastery guide is an interesting read. Been a while since I’ve looked at mine, but from my slightly unreliable memory, I believe it gives some info on all of them but doesn’t necessarily go into huge depth on every one.


  5. I also just found this when searching to see if it was worth purchasing the mastery guide. My Primary is the Sage and Secondary is the Maven, both of which seem to be completely spot on and I’ve never got a result from a personality quiz or similar that resonated before so I’m thinking it could be worth looking in to further

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    1. Hello! It’s been a little while since I read my mastery guide, but I did find it fun and informative, so could be worth a go if you’re interested. Thanks for reading!


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